Samuel Beek 🤖

I make digital things. Based in NYC & Amsterdam. My passion is to make useful digital products. I like to be creative with technology. I’m specialised in making iOS apps and do this at Airtime.

Together with great people I’ve worked on some amazing projects, small and large, check them out. Some of my code is available on GitHub.

When not busy making stuff, I love to cook, look at art or sail.

Want to get in touch? Let’s mail or twitter!

Projects I'm Proud Of


A site that makes it super easy to sell files. I won the Next Web Hackathon in 2015, with a site we made in 24 hours. We were also awarded by Dropbox and Paypal. It got worldwide press attention and we had 18.000 visitors on our first day. Unfortunately we had to close down, due to regulation issues. I made this together with Dana Majid and Kay Vink

Who’s In?

An app I made for Present Plus, a great digital design studio that also founds its own ventures. They asked me to first build a prototype of this app and iterate further on that. It was a great experience and I’m very happy with the end product. Present Plus has been acquired by WeTransfer.


An app that helps you to find interesting people at events. We started it at a hackathon and then me and Milan partnered up with Strangelove to make it happen and got boosted by WeTransfer. We launched in 2014 at The Next Web in New York. I was responsible for product and iOS development.

iOS Development basics course

I made a playlist that covers all you need to know to learn the basics of iPhone development. It has 4000 students and is one of the most popular iOS course on Gibbon to date.


I love gifs. A lot. There weren’t any good apps to make them with out here, so I decide to make one myself. It has been downloaded thousands of times and is for some reason quite populair in China. Get it for free, here. Oh and if you’re into that, you can view the code here, it’s public. Get it here.

Tate Modern Hackathon

As you might have noticed, I’m a big fan of hackathons. My favourite one was at the Tate. Me and some friends were invited to contribute an artwork that made creative use of data within 48 hours, we could stay the night in the museum! We didn’t win, but did make it to the Channel 4 news