Samuel Beek
Product Management & Strategy

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Great products solve real problems in elegant ways. That is easier said than done. I believe it’s a never-ending process: The best products are ever changing. It’s all about finding a great balance between users, technology and business. That challenge excites me.

Besides leading the product Collect at WeTransfer, I speak and consult about product development and strategy.

My passion is food and cooking: I create recipes on Instagram, run a newsletter, and host weekly dinners in my appartment.

Interested in what I’ve done in the past? read more. Want to get in touch? Let’s mail or twitter.

Projects I’m proud of


Social network that was founded by Sean Parker. Moved to NY for this job and learned a lot from the talented team. I worked mostly on the iOS client.


A website that made it very easy to sell files. Together with partners Dana Majid and Kay Vink, we won the Next Web Hackathon in 2016. The site was made in 24 hours and we won awards from Dropbox and Paypal. We got good press attention and had 18K visitors on launch day. Unfortunately we had to close down due to regulation issues.

Who’s in

An app I made in collaboration with Present Plus, a digital design studio which also founded its own ventures. I worked on the first release of this product. Present Plus was later acquired by WeTransfer.


An app that helped you find interesting people at events. Started this together with some friends at a hackathon and later partnered with Strangelove to grow the product. I was responsible for Product and iOS engineering.


I love gifs, a lot. There weren’t any good apps to make them with out here, so I decide to make one myself. It has been downloaded thousands of times and is for some reason quite populair in China. Get it for free in the App Store.

Tate Modern

As you might have noticed, I’m a big fan of hackathons. My favourite one was at the Tate. Me and some friends were invited to contribute an artwork that made creative use of data within 48 hours, we could stay the night in the museum! We didn’t win, but did make it to the Channel 4 news