Who's in


Present Plus (now acquired by WeTransfer) asked me to help them to develop an app that enabled you to organize events within a small group of friends. Together with their talented team, we made an -at the time- fresh looking product that was focused making the process of planning something with friends simple and fun.

Inspired by Snapchat and Clear, the app was very minimalistic and was simply controlled by gestures. You could invite people with their phone number. Whenever someone in a group made an event, it would send notifications to everyone. You could earn badges: like a ⚡ for responding quickly, and a 🐢 for being the last to reply to an invite. You could also send a "buzz" to everyone attending the event by shaking your phone.

This project taught me that not every app should be focus on finding the optimal flows for certain tasks. Sometimes this defeats the purpose, so in this project we focused on making a very boring thing (planning group events), very fun. This is what a lot of people loved about Who's In.

The app was shut down Present Plus got acquired by WeTransfer.