FAQ Framework

What is it?

It's a framework to share ideas. Instead of pitching it in a long-read article with a flexible form, you write it as if it's the FAQ section of the thing that you want to pitch. The questions are written from your audiences' perspective.


It clearly shows the value for your audience and it can describe very well on what points it will raise questions and the reasoning behind that.

Why not use a different format?

This is one of the only ways to describe a pitch from the audiences perspective.

Is this suitable for everything?

That I'm not sure about, but the main challenge was to share the idea in the format itself. I am are pretty confident that it worked. Sorry for the meta-ness.

Is it easy to do?

No, because you have to think about the hard questions that you're going to get asked before you start something. However, this will inform your decisions pretty well.

Is it easy to understand?

Yes, FAQ-pages are common. People understand the pretty well and it resonates with the way people think.

Does this work for product ideas?

Yes, product ideas work really well in this. You write them from the users perspective in present tense as if the change is already there. This is a great tool to get everyone that's working on it on the same page before they start on something.

Who made this?

Samuel Beek - find me on Twitter.